Packaging Award by Meyer-Hentschel Institute

The SilverPack Award “Polite Packaging“ prizes packaging solutions which are broadly characterized as polite:

Polite to the consumer
e.g. easy to open, conveniently resealable, to carry, clear and comprehensible information on the packaging. In short : every quality that makes the handling of the package a pleasurable experience.

Polite to the environment
e.g. use of renewable raw materials, good to recycle, low use of raw materials, easy to dispose of. Packaging which make the environment happy.

Polite to the contents
e.g. perfect protection/conservation of the contents during transport and storage, the possibility to fully and easily extract the contents. In short : packagings which respects its contents. This especially applies to comestible goods. It also applies to other contents, because every packaged item consist of raw materials, which should not be thrown away unused.

The challenge of the participating packagings lies in scoring points in each of the three dimensions where possible.

The prize winner will be awarded title „Polite Packaging – Silverpack 2018

The prize winners may use it for marketing purposes, such as the Schokolade FinCarré by Lidl, or the freezer bags in a dispernser by Toppits:

toppits silverpack award polite packaging

Organizer of the packaging award SilverPack

The SilverPack Award is an initiative of the Meyer-Hentschel Institute, Zürich Meyer-Hentschel Instituts, Zürich | Saarbrücken. The Europe-wide institute deals since 1985 with megatrends in consumer behavior, and consults businesses in adapting products and packaging to these trends.