Winners 2018 Silver

Three packaging were awarded the silver label “Polite Packaging” in 2018.

“Cheese slices in a folding box”

Hochland Deutschland GmbH
D-88161 Lindenberg


The opening mechanism is easy to recognize and self-explanatory. After opening, the individually wrapped slices are easy to remove. Afterwards, the folding box can easy be closed again. The carton also ensures that the cheese slices are well protected and can not deform. With conventional packaging, this can happen quickly on the shelf or at home.


Practical details can also be found in the film, with which the slices are individually packed. Big tabs offer much more comfort when opening than you know from the usual packaging. In addition, the film has a light matte character and thus a pleasant feel.

The individually wrapped cheese slices can be easily removed.

Hochland has also done a lot for sustainability: The environmentally friendly folding box replaces the plastic tube packaging used in processed cheese.

And last but not least: Thanks to a technical improvement in the sealing quality of the individual slices and because the folding carton protects the cheese from light, it is possible to dispense with protective fumigation. In the previous packaging variants, 0.1 liter of protective gas is required per pack, which is a mixture of 80% CO2 (carbon dioxide) and 20% N2 (nitrogen)


In summary, the cheese slices in the carton are a packaging solution that is broadly polite: polite to the consumer, to the product and polite to the environment. Hochland Deutschland GmbH is therefore awarded the SilverPack Award and may use the “courteous packaging” award for this packaging.



Ratsch! Cling film

ratsch! GmbH
D-50767 Köln

The packaging of the ratsch! cling film solves a whole series of known annoyances when using cling films:

You can not find the beginning. The film is difficult to unroll. Tear-off is difficult: Either the integrated “saw” does not work or it is so sharp-edged that one can injure oneself. After tearing, the beginning of the film sticks to the rest of the roll.

ratsch! offers the following solutions:

In a sturdy carton, the film roll lies on a special unrolling roll and not, as usual, more or less loosely in the package.

The central element of the ratsch! packaging is a foil cutter. Once placed on the edge of the box, you can cut the film lightning fast, clean and without risk of injury. Glued or crumpled foil, which must be discarded before use, does not exist in this packaging concept. The raw material used is used to the full extent, the consumer does not have to pay a committee.

Suitable for this polite packaging concept ratsch! uses a very high quality foil. The packaged food is thus optimally protected for later consumption. A commendable contribution to “Save Food”.


In summary: ratsch! cling film offers a polite concept for the packaging of cling film. Because this concept places the user at the center and, in addition, conserves resources, it gets honored with the SilverPack 2018. ratsch! is thus the first cling film in a “polite packaging”.


Tourtel Twist

Kronenbourg SAS
F – 67210 Obernai

French brewery Kronenbourg uses a closure of the Swedish manufacturer Maxi Crown Sealing Machines AB for its trendy drink Tourtel Twist. This closure replaces the usual crown cork and can be opened without a bottle opener.


Compared to other closures of similar design, the Maxi Crown closure can be opened with little effort. The reason for this is a special lever mechanism. In addition, he is absolutely injury-resistant, because he renounces sharp-edged parts.

It should also be emphasized that this closure guarantees the integrity of the contents of the bottle. Once opened, it clearly indicates this and can not be put back on the bottle, as e.g. with crown corks or screw caps is the case. This provides the consumer with the security of consuming the original drink.

In summary: Drinks of the brand Tourtel Twist sealed with the Maxi Crown may bear the label “polite packaging”. They offer consumers high convenience in opening and high product safety through their closure.



Chairman: Dr. Gundolf Meyer-Hentschel, Meyer-Hentschel Institute, Zurich | Saarbrucken
Alexander Wild, CEO Feierabend AG, Frankfurt
Dr. Hanne Meyer-Hentschel, AgeSuit Germany, Saarbrucken
Dr. med. Ruth Stüben, Zurich

31 packages were submitted for the SilverPack Award 2018.
Branch distribution: 13 food, 11 household, 2 pharma, 2 technology, 3 others